How We Help You

You need more leads. We make that happen.

Highly qualified leads are simply people who can benefit from your expertise--and they are on Facebook right now. They're scrolling through their news feed out waiting to discover you but you have to get in front of them in a compelling way. It's simple but not easy. Let us bring the leads to your inbox on autopilot.

Case Studies

A large photography brand wanted to increase brand awareness as their competitive advantage was waning among young photographers. They determined brand awareness among 21-34 year olds was low and understanding of the brand’s true mission and products to be skewed.

A highly visually engaging campaign combined with gamification produced:

*2500 link clicks

*Over 80,000 engagement

*Ad spend of only $5,500

Photography Brand (Brand Awareness)

Boutique shoe company sought help in growing brand awareness and sales. Simple awareness campaigns combined with email capture and highly effective remarketing created results far beyond expectation.

*$10,000 in revenue with a $2,800 ad spend

*Previous cost per acquisition was $100 and was lowered to $30

Shoe Brand (Ecommerce)

A well-established dental practice relied on traditional advertising and word of mouth. However, they wanted to capitalize on the opportunities on Facebook. Their primary goal was to increase millennial client patronage.

Through a simple teeth whitening campaign they saw:

*Nearly 5x increase in leads.

*Leads were attained at over a 50% decrease in cost per lead as compared to past “traditional advertising” campaigns.

*Decrease in traditional advertising spend

*Decrease in doctor and staff time investment with lead generation efforts


Dental Practice

Who We Are

We’re just some crazy kids with the idea that digital marketing, or more specifically, Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be brain surgery.

After spending years working for some great companies we realized that regardless of industry, size, or years in business, just because you have a business doesn’t mean you know the first thing about effective lead generation especially on Facebook. Facebook ads are changing the way business spend their ad dollars and helping business owners funnel every ad dollar into campaigns that are targeted, deliberate and highly effective.

In short: We bring you highly qualified leads and help you grow your business.